21st Century Women: Lauren Rundquist

Lauren Rundquist

Lauren Rundquist is a 21-year-old student, artist and entrepreneur. She got into the entrepreneurial world at a very young age – throughout elementary school she made various handmade items like bookmarks, greeting cards etc. every year and then donated the money she made selling them during the holidays to the American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, Heifer International and the like . Thanks to her parents’ encouragement she began making custom jewelry during her high school days and sold them to boutiques. It was during college she felt that she wanted to come up with something “unique and one-of-a-kind.” That and her love for shoes got her into making her own art on TOMS shoes. She now custom paints Keds and Converse shoes as well and sells her creations through her online boutique, LaQuist, on Etsy. LaQuist celebrated its first anniversary on Sept. 8 and so far around 250 pairs of shoes have been donated by TOMS’ One for One Movement to children in developing nations as a result of the purchases made at LaQuist.

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